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Services Offered

OHM GLOBAL MOBILITY offers a pioneering full suite of integrated vehicle services ranging from mobility as a service, vehicle subscriptions, battery as a service and other value-added services.

Mobility as a

This offering refers to the full service pay per km model that ensures end-to-end hassle-free mobility services. The electric vehicles (eBuses) come along with the chargers, infrastructure set-up, vehicle operations and maintenance under the ownership of OHM, while providing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefit to customers from day 1 of operations.

Mobility as a Service
Electric bus with Switch and OHM mobility logo on it

Vehicle Subscriptions

Vehicle services and subscriptions are offered with varied tenures and defined lock-in periods, wherein the electric vehicles, chargers, infrastructure set-up and maintenance would be under the ownership of OHM and the customers would be only accountable for its operations.

Battery as a

Battery as a Service is offered to delink the battery and product cost. This model is offered to eBus Fleet Operators, wherein the vehicle ownership and operations lie with customers, yet the battery which accounts for a significant portion of the electric vehicle cost is provided as a service to the customers, thereby bringing down the price of the vehicle.

Battery as a Service
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Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services (VAS) include end-to-end connected fleet management systems to enhance utilisation, productivity and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The services offered include driver performance and monitoring, prognostics, predictive maintenance and remote efficiency improvements.

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