About Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS)

Electric Mobility as a Service in the commercial mobility sector refers to OPEX-based, integrated pay-per-km or monthly payment models where the vehicle is bundled with a connected vehicle package and charging infrastructure with a full life cycle support. This allows the customer to focus on their core business as opposed to owning, operating, and maintaining a fleet of vehicles, and gaining efficiency improvement in operations while also running a zero-emission fleet.

The move towards new mobility solutions marks the departure from CapEx models to OPEX models for organisations. The idea behind eMaaS is to provide a value proposition for the end user with shared mobility services. It will significantly reduce the burden on an organisation’s balance sheet due to owning the cost of vehicles to meet its transportation needs.

Our Electric Mobility as
a Service Solution

Switch EV buses eMaas solution by OHM Mobility

Our Electric Mobility as
a Service Solution

New mobility solutions highlight the need to reduce overall carbon footprint globally. Therefore, at OHM Global Mobility, we own a 100% green fleet and offer subscription-based mobility services via electric vehicles that not only saves you from ownership cost but also takes care of vehicle maintenance.

Our advanced digital solutions allow the customer to easily manage their entire fleet operations through a single platform.

As we move into the next generation of commercial and urban mobility, we are ready to re-define the zero-carbon future propelled by sustainable eMobility solutions for a greener planet.


of Electric Mobility as a Service

    End-to-end hassle-free mobility services
  • End-to-end hassle-free mobility services
    Vehicle charging icon
  • Charging infrastructure development
    Electric mobility pay as you go icon
  • Electric vehicles on pay as you go basis – zero cost of ownership
    Vehicle operations & maintenance icon
  • Vehicle operations & maintenance taken care by OHM
    Zero carbon emissions icon
  • Zero carbon emissions – carbon credits

  • Digital Opportunities:
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Driver management system
  • Vehicle video surveillance
  • Real-time reports
  • Customised API solutions

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